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Many architecture firms developed their businesses thanks to the early patronage of enlightened and committed clients. So too the London Festival of Architecture, as a not-for-profit organisation, depends on the patronage and support of enlightened and committed architects.

Our Patrons are our most engaged supporters. This select group of 15 of London’s most respected architectural and engineering practices are at the forefront of supporting and leading the profession. Throughout the year we work with our patrons to shape our annual programme and create bespoke opportunities for them demonstrate leadership in the profession.

As well as a package of unique benefits, our patrons’ support allows us to continue the festival’s valuable work demonstrating the value of the profession to government, clients and the public.

For more information about our patrons programme, or other ways your practice can demonstrate its leadership in the sector, do get in touch by phone on 020 7299 1280 or using the form below.